About Us


Our Founder

After years in the foodservice industry, and sharpening chef's knives... our founder Joe Woods is working to make foodservice operators' lives easier... and educate home cooks on the importance of choosing quality tools, and maintaining them. Joe grew up in Morgantown, WV and attended Pierpont Culinary Academy after WVU. He's learned and worked in some of the finest kitchens in West Virginia, including Oliverio's Ristorante, The Waterfront Place Hotel, & The Greenbrier Resort. Joe now works to make professional and home cooks' lives better! Joe lives in Morgantown, WV with his lovely wife, and their two children. 


A Local Family Company

Joe founded Grindstone to fill a need in North Central West Virginia. Countless chefs and restaurant owners have told him that what they need is "fewer things to worry about." Grindstone Sharpen & Supply came out of that. He wanted to help local business owners have one less thing to worry about.... Who's going to sharpen our knives? So, they can now count on Joe to bring them fresh, sharp knives on a regular schedule; and they don't even have to worry about buying or replacing them... Grindstone owns the knives, and food service operations simply lease them! Right now, it's a one man operation with Joe manning the grindstones, but you may see his son out on deliveries!


Big Plans for the Future!

As Grindstone grows, so will our product offerings. We will soon begin to stock common replacement supplies for cooking and restaurants that our clients will be able to add on to their knife delivery. Now, Joe is fulfilling another need in the Morgantown area... a Cooking Supply Store, that will cater to everyone from Professional Chefs and operators... to home cooks who seek quality tools and supplies to cook their very best! And the best part... it's mobile! Guests can walk onto the rolling restaurant supply truck, and shop til they drop!